Retractable Roofs

Enjoy your outdoor area in every season.

Get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor area with a retractable roof system that offers more that just protection from the sun.
Ideal for private homes, courtyards, restaurants and commercial applications.  Get the most out of your outdoor areas by offering the flexibility of opening or closing your roof to suit any weather condition, day or night.

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Why Retractable Roofing?


Our Retractable Roof fabrics are 100% waterproof to protect your chosen area from the elements, all held in place by high grade aluminium and stainless steel parts to ensures your products lasts in Australia’s harsh environment.
The unique torque motor system ensures fabric is always kept under the perfect tension by a self-adjusting motor unit.


A Retractable Roof system gives your the best of both an open area and a protected space, as well as everything in between.
Our All Seasons range offers an array of options that lend itself to being a flexible solution for almost any application, thanks to its innovative design that lets you span areas up to 10 meters long and 9 meters wide with a single system.


Control your Retractable Roof with the industry leading Somfy motors system with just the touch of a button - use a handy remote control, a built in wall switch or a smart phone app. Or control your room with sun, wind and rain sensors even when your are away.
The cleverly designed drive system, with integrated water seals, ensure that your area always remains waterproof.


Choose from over 120 different frame colours and over 100 different fabric colours to match your new Retractable Roof exactly to your environment. Cover huge projections of up to 10 meters with a single system or join multiple systems for the ultimate luxury outdoor space.
An optional 360 degree LED dimmable down lighting system, lets you enjoy your space fully, even when the sun goes down.

No ugly down pipe required.

The innovative integrated water seals replace the need for ugly down pipes.  Water is cleverly dispersed through the Retractable Roof supports, which can be plumed straight into your storm water system.

Product Details and Options

    Our retractable roofs over large spans for your outdoor living requirements.

  • Max Projection – 10 meters
  • Max width – 9 meters
  • Over 120 coloured frame options available.
  • Over 100 different fabric options in both translucent and lockout.
  • Choose option integrated dimmable LED down lighting.
  • 5 year warranty on retractable roof system
  • 5 year warranty on Somfy Motor system.