Simple, sophisticated, and stylish, perfect for a modern home.

Curtains are one of the most traditionally used window dressings and are experiencing a resurgence in popularity right now as we crave the softer and more luxurious feeling that curtains evoke.

Whether you’re decorating a new home or are ready to give your current one a makeover, curtains have a fantastic way of finishing off the look of any room, from accentuating the proportions of a room, to making a feature of a beautiful window or view, or even help to disguise a not so nice view! No matter if you are in need of curtains for your bedrooms, kitchen, or living areas they not only add colour, texture, and interest to your decor, they also work hard to provide privacy and insulation, and filter light. 

Contemporary look

S-Wave curtains have gentle folds that stack back neatly in a uniform style bringing a beautiful softness to a room. Sitting directly below a discreet curtain track, our sheer fabrics gently diffuse light and allow the view to the outside.


Each curtain is designed and made to measure to the specifications of your specific windows or doors. Our expert team can give advice on how the curtains can be mounted to create the right look and feel for your room.

Light Control

Our custom made curtains not only add sophistication to any room, they also assist in filtering light. Simply pull the curtains across when the light is streaming in and our fabrics will diffuse the direct light. If you require something more, we offer block out curtain fabrics, or why not combine sheer curtains with block out roller blinds for maximum light control and stylishness.

Locally Made

All our curtains are locally manufactured here in Sydney to the highest quality. This assures faster lead times than imported options.

our work

If you like what you see here, book a free consultation and we will come and show you what your home would look like with curtains installed.