Designed to control the entry of natural light, heat and sun penetration.

Our stylish External Roller Blinds are designed to enhance the appearance of your modern architectural home and also save you money on costly air conditioning bills. 

We know what it takes to provide the best possible light solution for Australia’s uniquely harsh conditions. External blinds repel up to 90% of the suns heat and absorb harsh UV radiation protecting your home and contents.

Blinds can can be controlled manually, or for added convenience motorised blinds operate at the touch of a button.


Use our unique External Roll Blinds to create a custom facade with our wide range of colours and fabrics. When you invest in external blinds you want to be sure that they will stand up to the elements.

We use blind fabrics that have been subjected to the highest tear test on the market and all fittings are of the highest quality 316 stainless steel. Installations are finished off with our uniquely designed powder coated aluminium head box system to match the look and feel of your house.


Our fibreglass core fabrics are designed to take the toughest of treatments and boast one of the strongest tear strengths on the market. European made at 3.2m wide, our fabric is perfect for all external blinds including zip systems, and thanks to the width, visible fabric joins are required less often.

We use fabrics that are anti-static for easy cleaning, anti-fungal and fire retardant, providing years of safe low maintenance use.
Our tough, non-corrosive componentry also ensure years of trouble free operation


External Blinds let you control the amount of light entering your home at any point in the day, whilst reducing air conditioning costs during summer and allowing the warmth of the sun during winter.

For large glass facades we link multiple blinds on one motor, or multiple blinds across multiple motors, allowing a complete customisable solution, to suite any project size.


External motorised blinds let you control the exact amount of sunlight, breeze, temperature + privacy required for your home and outdoor areas with the touch of a button.

Motorisation allows us to make bigger blinds, where the weight would be an issue on manual operation. Motorisation is also a great solution for hard to reach areas. Operate with a handy remote control, the convenience of a wall switch, or app on your smart phone.


  • Every roll blind is made to measure and fit exactly within your space.
  • Max width of a single blind up to 6m, Max drop, up to 4m.
  • Blinds can be linked for larger windows where large spans are required.
  • The head box which covers the blind, the base bar and side channels can be custom powder coated to any colour in the Dulux powder coat range.

There are a wide number of options available with out External Blinds

  • Warranty varies between 5 & 7 years depending on system.

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If you like what you see here, book a free consultation and we will come and show you what your home would look like with external roller blinds installed.