5 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters On Your Windows

Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for any window and bedroom windows are no exception. Not only do they dress up the room, they have many practical advantages over other window coverings.

1        Solid in Design – at Signature Shutters and Blinds we love to use solid hardwood for our internal plantation shutters. The design is robust, long wearing yet streamlined. The fluted mortise and tenon joints in each panel ensure a solid design that is made to last even when exposed to the hot westerly sun.

2      Light Control – plantation shutter blades come in 64mm, 89mm or 114mm blade widths, with the most popular being the 89mm blade, suiting most residential homes. Having a wider blade means there are less blades in a window. Having less blades is not only beneficial for cleaning, it also means more light enters a window making the window and room feel bigger. Blades can be simply opened, closed or anything in between by hand. This way it is easy to control the way the light enters your room.

3      Design Detail – bullet magnets installed on each hinged panel ensure that shutter panels are held firm and do not move when the window is in an open position. This important during the hot summer months as windows can be left open at night for airflow, with no tapping or knocking in the breeze as can happen with other window furnishings.

4        Insulation – as timber is a natural insulator, plantation shutters offer the optimal insulation barrier against heat and cold. By simply closing the blades, temperature remains more stable with in a room, adding considerable comfort during both summer and winter.

5         Cleaning and Maintenance – every house is different and the amount of dust in the air can vary from home to home, however the 2 pack aqua enamel finish on our plantation shutters makes them a breeze to clean and maintain. Simply use a microfibre to wipe down the blades and panels to remove dust. As the paint finish has a low sheen level, finger prints don’t show up easily. However any dirty marks from grubby fingers can be easily removed with a damp cloth. If more effort is needed, use a small amount of washing up detergent diluted with water (5% detergent / 95% water) to remove more difficult marks.