A Smart Solution To Insulation

Taking a walk around your local neighbourhood you come to realise how popular plantation shutters are in both houses and apartments. There is with good reason too. Not only do they enhance the look and feel of a home, they are also a smart solution to insulating a room from the ever changing temperatures out side. As the plantation shutters by Signature Shutters and Blinds are made from 100% certified plantation timber, they are the perfect buffer to heat and cold and make a huge difference in stabilising the temperature of a room.

Due to the natural insulating properties of timber, temperature changes can not pass easily through the timber blades when they are in a closed position making them the ideal choice on bedroom doors and windows. A window with nothing to cover it is exposed to the outside temperature, both in summer and winter. This is because glass itself is conductor of heat and cold.  With out this protection, the heat from inside a room will transfer outside and the cold from outside will come in making a room more susceptible to the changes in weather outside.

Plantation Shutters by Signature Shutters and Blinds offer a smart solution to insulation and are an investment in not only the look of your home, but also in reducing your heating and cooling bills. They really do make a big difference and it is no surprise that more and more people are calling us to make an appointment.

To transform your bathroom windows, or any other part of your home, contact Signature Shutters and Blinds to book an appointment.