Do you have an odd shaped window and don’t know how to cover it?

This week’s featured photo comes to you from Collaroy on the Northern Beaches. Our customer came to us to ask for advice on how best to reduce the effect of the strong morning sun from coming in their easterly facing window. Being a circular window our team recommended the best option was to install a customised shaped shutter. Shaped shutters can be made to fit any window, of any size and give that finished look that only plantation shutters can give. Whether it is a round, triangular, arched or hexagonal window, Signature Shutters and Blinds have the answer.

The team from Signature Shutters and Blinds suggested the window was large enough to allow for two panels that hinge from the middle. Being hinged the panels can open to give access to the glass, making it easy for cleaning the window. Our customer was very happy with the idea of a shaped shutter being made specifically for their circular porthole and even happier when they saw the final result!

No matter what the shape of your window, the team from Signature Shutters and Blinds are always ready to help and offer their experience to find the right solution for you and your home. Contact us today to book an obligation free measure and quote.