Insulation When You Need It

Large windows are beautiful on any home, but did you know that glass windows can be one of the main contributors to your house becoming like an oven during summer? Likewise in winter, the cold can pass straight through the glass, turning your rooms into an igloo. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution!

Stabilise the ambient temperature within the rooms of your home

The natural insulating properties of timber plantation shutters by Signature Shutters and Blinds, make them the perfect choice for any window, especially for bedrooms and nurseries. Being able to control the and minimise the effects of the weather outside, will make living through the heat of summer and cold of winter more comfortable.

Perfect for westerly or northerly facing windows, by simply closing the shutter blades of your timber shutters, you are creating a barrier that drastically reduces the outside temperature on those hot afternoons. During winter, by closing your blades as the sun goes down, you will notice a huge difference in the warmth that has been retained with in the rooms of you home. This window insulation has the added benefit of aiding your heating and cooling bills. By stabilising the ambient temperature within the rooms of your home, your air conditioner or heater doesn’t need to work as hard, therefore excessive electricity consumption can be avoided.

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