Minimising Electricity Consumption

Have you ever noticed how hot it can get in a room during the summer months when you stand or sit by the window? Like wise how cold it is by the window on those long dark winter nights, it’s unbearable! Windows are not only a means of allowing light in or letting us see the world outside, they are also a great place for heat to escape your home.

Statistics estimate up to 1/3 of a homes heat is lost through its windows. As glass is a natural conductor of heat and cold, it does not insulate against the inside or outside temperature. During summer the use of air-conditioning in a home is often necessary, however much of the effectiveness is lost if there is nothing covering the window besides the naked glass. The same can be said in winter. The amount of electricity we use to heat our cold homes escapes through the glass & the cold winter temperature comes straight in.

So What’s Answer?

The most effective way to go about minimising electricity usage and costs, while making our homes more energy efficient is to use window furnishings such as timber plantation shutters by Signature Shutters and Blinds. Not only do Signature’s plantation shutters offer a fashionable look to our homes both on the inside and out, they also act as a natural insulator against heat and cold.

By having timber shutters on a window the ambient temperature of a room is much more stable meaning less electricity is needed to cool it in summer or warm in winter. Timber plantation shutters are a natural solution that will pay for themselves many times in terms of energy savings over the lifetime of a home.

Signature Shutters’ timber plantation shutters come with a 15 year structural warranty, are all custom made to measure and expertly installed by our experienced team to fit exactly to your window. This offers maximum insulation for all windows in your home. Contact us for an obligation free measure and quote.