Recently our team went to a customer’s home in Crows Nest to measure up for plantation shutters for westerly facing windows. Our customer called us, as they were tired of suffering with the hot afternoon sun and needed some relief. Since Signature Shutters & Blinds’ plantation shutters are made from timber, they are a natural insulator against heat and cold and the perfect solution to taming the sun on those hot summer afternoons.

While onsite, our expert tradesman suggested to the customer that shutters could be used for far more than just window furnishings. Using a sliding plantation shutter as a bedroom door is an original and great idea. The weight of the shutter panel is taken from the track that we installed inside the room. This is then expertly hidden behind a pelmet made of the same material and matched to the same colour as the shutter panel itself. As the weight of the panel is taken by the top track, there was no need to use any tracking on the floor, which means no trip hazard when entering the room! Our customer was really impressed.

As you can see from the photos, the shutters look right at home over a doorway and what’s more they tie in perfectly with the shutters on the windows that were installed previously by our team. It just goes to show how versatile plantation shutters can be. Not surprisingly, our customer was really impressed with the finished result.