Have you ever taken a walk down your street and looked at the variances in architecture and design between one house or apartment block and the next? It is interesting to see the differences and how design styles have changed over the decades. There are triangular windows, circular windows and even long skinny highlight windows above doorways called transom windows, as they sit above the transom of the door.

Originally transom windows were located above doorways such as the front door of a house. As the front door is usually a light block, the transom window allowed more light into the house. With more light entering a room, it gives the illusion of a bigger area. These days transom windows can be found running down the length of hallways or even as highlight windows in walls that have no other window opening.

There is no doubt that having more light entering your home makes the rooms feel light and airy, but what happens when the hot summer sun starts to stream through those transom windows and heats up the room? The answer is easy!

Timber plantation shutters are the ideal solution as the moveable blades can direct the sunlight to the angle you require, or be closed to insulate and block out that heat before it turns your home into an oven. As each house and building is unique, so are each window design and size. At Signature Shutters and Blinds we understand this and can custom design timber plantation shutters to suit your specific windows for your specific home. Our team have all had years and years of hands on experience in the industry and can help you make the right choice for your home. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.