Any Window, Any Shape

Just as every house is different, so is every window. At Signature Shutters and Blinds we custom make timber plantation shutters to fit any size window with any shape, even the most unusual ones! The featured house in Balmain was recently purchased by a customer of ours. They loved the design of the house with a spare bedroom located inside the high pitched roof. However as the windows in this room were triangular and facing north east, they were not sure how to control the morning light. When our team arrived on the scene and saw the challenge, they had a solution for these windows that the customer loved. Our team suggested timber plantation shutters to cover the window and address the morning light issue. The blades could be opened, closed or somewhere in between to control the light as needed. Not only that but as timber is a natural insulator, the ambient room temperature would be a lot more stable throughout the year. As the height of the shutters in the centre of the triangular window could not open on hinges, due to the the exposed beams. Signature Shutters and Blinds’ expert team were able to design magnets to hold these panels so they could be easily removed to allow access to the glass when cleaning is needed. The two smaller outside panels were hinged as they did not reach the beam height. Our customer was so pleased with the finished product. Contact us to arrange for our team to come and see you and measure and quote for your windows.